Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hot Hot!!

Currently watching 24 hours in A + E, these people are absolutely amazing. This poor elderly guy is having a tube put up his penis to drain his bladder... owwww poor bloke! This programme makes me wish I was a nurse or one of these amazing people in the hospital. But I know (just like giving blood) I can’t, I’m too flipping squeamish. I think I am going to have to work on this bad point of mine to chase this fulfilling career I am after.

Oh my GOSH I made an incredible beef-chilli-stew type thing today by total accident. Got some cheap cubes of beef in Aldi and whacked in my slow cooker. Here is how you can do it too:

Cubed beef (Aldi – bargain)
Red wine – Just chuck in half a glass then have the rest with dinner
Massive squirt of tomato puree
All purpose seasoning – teaspoon
Chilli powder – teaspoon
Scotch bonnet pepper – only half, little burny buggers they are.
Onion & Garlic
Salt & pepper

Okay so : brown your beefy bits with chopped garlic and onion and whack it in the slow cooker on “high”. In the same pan pop your red wine and tomato puree and simmer with a bit of stock as well. Simmer for a few mins and slap it into the slow cooker all over the lovely steak. Slip in all the spices and season it. Chop up a red pepper to make it a bit more exciting and chuck it in the mix as well.
I went out and bought a lip balm, by the time I got back – about an hour and a half the stew was almost ready... if you fancy it thicker pop in some corn flower. Serve with rice & some veggies if you’re feeling it.

Flippin’ lush.

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