Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Jerky Smirky

I always do this. Start a new blog with good intentions. I had so much to blog about last week, Amy Winehouse died and the massive tragedy in Norway which took so many lives. Somehow, although this is all “breaking news” I can never bring myself to write about it. I don’t know if its death that I am avoiding because quite frankly it scares the crap out of me or if I just think nothing more needs to be said. Sometimes there are so many articles you just can’t write anything new about what’s happened.

I’ll tell you what though I’m not half craving a white chocolate magnum after my dinner. Inspired by Levi Roots I took two chicken thighs out of the freezer earlier and gave them some spicy lovin’. My mouth is on fire and I didn’t even touch the scotch bonnets this time! I hope my flat smells like Jamaica because I think it does. Below is the recipe (if you can call a bowl of mixed spices a recipe!)

2 chicken thighs per person (because in our house we don’t eat like thin people)
TIP: wash the chicken under cold running water and slap lemon juice all over it and then pat dry with kitchen roll. This dries the skin helping spices stick and better chance of it going crispy. And crispy is gooood.
SPICES! Basically you just rub the hell out of your chicken with this beautiful little arrangement of herbs and spices:

Tsp All Purpose Seasoning
Tsp Pimento
½ tsp chilli flakes
Combination of mixed dried savory, marjoram, oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil and tarragon - all a couple of pinches each. Mix all these beauties up in a bowl and rub rub rub!

Whack into a HOT oven and cook for half an hour. You might need to turn it over as the oven might burn the dry spices but not to worry.

Bloody enjoy that with corn on the cob and a big bowl of rice. Spoon the rest of the herby/oil over the rice to flavour. Mwah!

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